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"He went to a mason meeting in Edinburgh (Grand Lodge)," son in law Vernon Whetter explains.

Ian stopped him from taking after hour calls in the later years of his career.

"There was a boat coming into Harbour Grace and dad received a call from (Smallwood)," Don says. "He had to go down to the harbour and talk with the seamen about joining Canada."

Dr. Roy was also very committed to his hometown, joining the Harbour Grace regatta committee, the Harbour Grace stadium committee and worked at his own dental practice in the town for 66 years.

Dr. Roy was very dedicated to his busy life, spending much of his time at his practice or at meetings for one of the dozens of organizations he was part of.

´╗┐Roy was a proud Canadian

Joey Smallwood was a close friend of Dr. Roy. They were both pro Confederates and Under Armour Red Shoes

One thing that Dr. Roy was very passionate about was his love for Canada. He was born before Newfoundland joined Confederation but his parents were born in Canada.

Dental Association in 1952, the same year he lost his first wife. His second wife was sisters with his first wife. He was often asked to Emcee at weddings. Dr. Roy spoke at the official opening of S. W. Moores Memorial Park in Harbour Grace. He had also previously talked both doctors and a nurse through surgeries on the phone.

he used to tag along for company, or sometimes just out of sheer boredom. He would play outside while his father tended to his patients.

"The phone would ring late at night and dad would go to work," Ian says, noting it didn't matter who was on the other end of the call, he would make sure he was available.

Under Armour Shoes For Toddlers

He was a lifelong member of the Canadian Dental Association, former board member for Carbonear General Hospital, volunteered with the Canadian Red Cross and was a member of the Navy League of Canada.

University nickname Goody;

Harbour Grace has lost a strong and prominent member of the town, but family and friends say he will not soon be forgotten.

"Someone at the funeral said he loved every rock in Newfoundland, and he did," Don explains.

Under Armour Shoes For Toddlers

Occupation Dentist for 66 years in Harbour Grace, but also did some work in Gander part time.

Under Armour Shoes For Toddlers

were always in contact.

Under Armour Shoes For Toddlers

Under Armour Shoes For Toddlers

Under Armour Shoes For Toddlers

"When he went through Cologne (Germany) on the train, he looked out the window and saw the Cologne Cathedral," Don says. "That was the extent of it."

Another memory that Don and his brother Ian remember is how their father used to get emergency calls at home.

Don explains that Under Armour Shoes 2017 Low Cut

Dr. Roy travelled to Europe in 2003 for the first time.

Family first wife Edyth (died 1952); second wife Alison (died 1999); two daughters Elizabeth LeFeuvre (Phillip) of Spaniard's Bay and Margaret Goodwin (Vernon Whetter) of Belleville Ontario; two sons, Donald Goodwin (Ingrid Wiede) from Bochum, Germany and Ian Goodwin of Harbour Grace; four grandchildren and eight great grandchildren;

Under Armour Shoes For Toddlers

Interesting facts about Dr. Roy he was known to drive to St. John's for conferences at "unheard of speeds," and never received a ticket. He was ill during the Second World War and could not enlist. The reasoning for the illness was a mystery his entire life. Dr. Roy was the president of the Newfoundland Under Armour Curry 1 All Star

Under Armour Shoes For Toddlers

Although Dr. Roy was a Canadian patriot, he also loved his home province.

Under Armour Shoes For Toddlers

Education Mount Allison University in Sackville for pre dental training; University of Toronto to study dentistry;

Dr. Roy did do a bit of travelling for work, to take courses, for reunions and for conferences. He flew to Toronto, Vancouver and San Diego, but never took the time to appreciate the cities, the sons recall. He was happy as long as he was interacting.

Although he was supposed to be on vacation, Dr. Roy did not see many of the sights Under Armour Shoes For Toddlers in any of the countries he visited. He would rather visit places that were connected to his volunteer activities, including the masonic lodge.

Under Armour Shoes For Toddlers

Under Armour Shoes For Toddlers

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