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The Gulf Stream current, coupled with hard, 30 knot winds, created square waves with deep troughs. She was on a busy, commercial sea route and those big ships couldn't see her sailboat when she went down into the troughs. It was dark, so Reid said she had to stay on the radio all night letting the ships know where she was (she'd heaved to, or stopped, at this point). She took this action to avoid being mowed down.

"So I don't go sliding all around when I'm walking around," Reid explained.

New sails will be tried out soon with a few hours of sailing from her home club, the Ashbridge's Bay Club in Toronto, she continued.

When she undertakes that challenge she will be only one of five or six females taking part in the 84 competitor race, she said. She will only be allowed to carry eight sails aboard, Under Armour Shoes For Men 2016

trip from Miami and back, circumventing the Bahamas. It took 11 days and was "straight forward" until the last day when she was about 100 miles from returning to Miami.

Let's hope that help won't be needed when Reid takes to the seas where her work and passion collide.

For about the past month, or about 200 hours, Reid and her sailing and training partner, Nick Sellars, have been refitting her sail boat at Briston Marine in Port Credit. Everything's been done from stripping Under Armour Shoes 2017 Basketball all the hardware from the deck, servicing and reinstalling it, to removing the keel, resurfacing the vessel's bottom, plus putting on an all new, non skid gel coat on the deck and cockpit.

Under Armour Shoes 2017 Basketball

While there are "chase boats" (one for every 12 competitors), if you get into trouble, you rely on the competition to help you because they are the closest, she said.

PORT HOPE COBOURG A woman who was infected with her love of sailing as a small child on her parent's boat in Port Hope's harbour, and who taught sailing as a teen in Cobourg, is taking to the world sailing stage.

Under Armour Shoes 2017 Basketball

The first of the remaining trio of 1,000 miles of qualifying class races from France will be 150 nautical miles around the Bay of Biscay, she said. The next is a 300 mile sail and the final, the 650 mile Fastnet already referred to.

Reid is married to her husband, Paul ,who she describes as a "sailor by marriage" and when he isn't taking part in one of her racing teams, works as a HVAC technician. Reid says she works in the marine industry herself and she and Sellars have done all of the hands on work in refitting her 16.5 mini for the open class in which she will compete with people of all ages.

deploying various combinations as sea conditions dictate.

Under Armour Shoes 2017 Basketball

This 39 year old Toronto woman's level of enthusiasm is contagious. That's a good thing, since she is still seeking corporate and private sponsorships for a little less than half her racing budget.

Reid is sharing her amazing goal of sailing her 21 foot mini Transat on the double legged sea Odyssey (from the Bay of Bisque to the Canary Island and then to Guadeloupe, Under Armour Shoe Basketball

Under Armour Shoes 2017 Basketball

The first half of her qualifying races was a non stop Under Armour Micro G Mantis

There are those 16 or 17 years of age to others in their 70s, she says of next year's major world sailing event.

France in September, 2013) with members of Port Hope's 116 Skeena. Reid was a cadet for seven years there. this Sunday at the Port Hope Yacht Club but here is a wee preview.

Under Armour Shoes 2017 Basketball

Under Armour Shoes 2017 Basketball

Under Armour Shoes 2017 Basketball

"This is where all the big ocean racers start," she said.

The wind showed no sign of letting up and eventually she had to be towed into port. Without an engine, Reid described her time as "fourteen hours of madness" working to avoid being hit by another ship.

Besides the qualifying trips, Reid has sailed 10,000 miles in salt water in the past two years as part of her preparations. Buying, packing and transporting her provisions abroad are another huge task to get ready for the September, 2013 trip from France to the Canary Islands and back again, she said.

Under Armour Shoes 2017 Basketball

Under Armour Shoes 2017 Basketball

Under Armour Shoes 2017 Basketball

Diane Reid (nee Zeller) is mounting her $400,000, One Girl's Ocean Challenge, next year and has finished half of her qualifying sailing expeditions. The next qualifying leg is in April when she sails in one of three levels of classes, which will include the well known 650 nautical mile Fastnet from Plymouth, England.

´╗┐Sailing is in her blood

Under Armour Shoes 2017 Basketball

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