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Gone are the days when the next door neighbor in Holiday Hills would pass out swats for a smart mouth; when a group of kids would walk to the corner store at night without worrying about their safety.

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Holiday Hills, a small neighborhood west of the Winters Freeway and south of North 10th Street, has changed over the years as older residents passed their homes along to their children, and more of the houses became rental properties, Ornelas Youngblood said.

Many of the residents in Alameda have lived there for decades. They care about their homes and have a stake in the neighborhood, Ham said. But there are also many rental houses that constantly bring unfamiliar new residents into the neighborhood.

For 10 years, Steve Ham has been part of the Alameda community (west of Winters Freeway and north of South 7th Street) as pastor of the New Haven Community Church. The church has been broken into and tagged with graffiti several times, but it's been several years since the last incident, Ham said.

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Everything was turned upside down; power tools and other valuables were missing

mental patients, or small infractions like fishing without a license or parking on grass.

Neighborhood activists are stepping forward to work with the APD, the city of Abilene and local nonprofits that specialize in revitalizing neighborhoods, but the movement has a long road ahead.

"We didn't fear bullets," Ornelas Youngblood said. "I get to where I count them. Bang bang bang bang. I hear four shots, and then a pause. And then bang bang."

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A few years ago, Ornelas Youngblood and her mother traveled to Houston to be with their brother and son as he underwent treatment for cancer. When they returned home after a handful of days, the house had been ransacked.

According to police data, the district that includes Holiday Hills wasn't among the city's districts with the highest total crime, but it is far less populated than the city's innermost districts with the highest incidence of crime.

The police department has broken the city down into more than 100 reporting districts to help track where crime happens.

´╗┐safest in Abilene

"I do know of parents that have told their kids, 'When you hear (gunshots), immediately drop down and cover your head,'" Ornelas Youngblood said. "They'll tell you not to look out the window. They'll tell you to drop down and wait for everything to clear, and you stay down there for five minutes until you don't hear anything."

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"This neighborhood has taken a really bad reputation, but the vast majority of people who live over here are great hard working folks who go out and make a living every day," Ham said. "They take good care of their kids, but there's a small minority who cause problems and they get the press."

"It's not a fancy house, but . it's my mom's sanctuary," Ornelas Youngblood said. "For 40 years, my mom and dad have owned this home, my mom and dad have raised five children plus neighborhood children and to have somebody that has total disrespect for you and your belongings, it was hurtful and it was very painful."

Margie Ornelas Youngblood remembers playing Red Rover and other games late into the night with her brothers and other children in the Holiday Hills neighborhood.

31, 2009. Of those, more than 76,000 were crimes. The rest were traffic accidents, traffic violations, transports of mental patients, or small infractions like fishing without a license or parking on grass.

were crimes. The rest were traffic accidents, traffic violations, transports of Under Armour Curry 3 Black Yellow

According to police data, the total number of calls for service received by Under Armour Clutchfit Black

There are exceptions, but generally speaking, the closer a district is to the heart of the city, the higher the incidence of crime.

There were 111 crimes reported in the district in 2007, 137 in 2008 and 124 in the first three quarters of 2009, according to the data.

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Under Armour Assert

The district that includes the Alameda neighborhood is among those with the highest incidence of crime, according to police data. Preliminary statistics for 2009 show a sharp increase in crime, with 394 incidents reported in the first three quarters of 2009, compared to 312 in 2007 and 303 in 2008.

There's a great deal of pride but also frustration among longtime residents of neighborhoods that have somehow become a stomping ground for criminals.

Statistics also show officers handled more crime in the first three quarters of 2009 almost 14,000 incidents than they did in all of 2008 (12,440 incidents). The 2009 crime figures are preliminary and will be finalized within the first quarter of this year. 31, 2009. Of those, more than 76,000 Under Armour Womens Shoes Gray

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Ham said most of the crimes committed there are theft, criminal mischief or burglary, but there are also fights, domestic abuse issues and other violent crimes.

Ham said the neighborhood begins to come alive when school lets out in the afternoon and activity escalates through the evening. Groups of children play pickup basketball games or walk through the street together. Some folks sit outside and drink beer.

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When Ornelas Youngblood was growing up, her biggest Under Armour Assert fear was being told by her mother to pick a switch off the tree when she misbehaved.

Ornelas Youngblood wants to reclaim the past and take back the neighborhood.

There isn't a corner of Abilene that's untouched by crime, but a few neighborhoods feel the brunt of it, according to a Reporter News analysis of data from the Abilene Police Department.

"Your first line of defense is you and your neighbors," said APD Assistant Chief Mike Perry. "If you know your neighbors and they know you, and they know your vehicles and they know your routine, they're going to know so much more than the beat officer."

the department increased from 88,680 in 2007 to about 142,500 in 2009 a 61 percent jump.

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