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After the recent shootingsWe know that some people don't trust "cops investigating cops." We think if they could Under Armour Golf Shoes 2017 see how strict, thorough and impartial the internal investigations are, they'd change their minds. But because of the level of concern right now, Police Chief McMillin has asked for a total of three independent reviews of the police department's investigations. Salinas was invited to be a founding member of the President's National Forum on Youth Violence Prevention, which is focused on community based solutions to crime and on the recognition that "you can't arrest your way out of the problem."Salinas is the leading agency in the Community Alliance for Safety and Peace, (CASP) which brings together community groups, social services, the faith community, local governments and law enforcement around the Prevention Intervention Enforcement Re entry (PIER) strategy. Even though Salinas is facing severe budget shortages, it dedicates a full time staff member to serve as the manager of CASP and give it every possible support. The Police Department is also facing shortages, and is seriously under staffed, but it has assigned two full time "CASP officers" to the Hebbron Heights neighborhood of the Alisal. Operation Ceasefire's originator, David Kennedy, mentions the Salinas Police in his ground breaking book Don't Shoot: One Man, A Street Fellowship, and the End of Violence in Inner City America. Police Chief Kelly McMillin was recognized by the White House in 2012 as a Champion of Change. KSBW takes no position on the views expressed herein.

The Salinas Police Department has long followed strict policies against any form of social injustice. But as a community, Salinas, like much of America, has a painful history of discrimination against minorities. In our case it has often been Latinos who have suffered. As a community we are still healing from that history the process is not over.

Under Armour Golf Shoes 2017

Once someone attacks, police are trained to stop the threat, both to themselves and members of the public. We can't at this point know exactly what the officers' judgment was, but it's common for police to shoot multiple times to stop a threat.

of 10 violent crimes would probably be committed by Latinos just because nearly 8 out of 10 people in Salinas are Latino.

If the shootings aren't connected, why did they all involve Latinos?

Under Armour Golf Shoes 2017

Why did they shoot him more than once?

In Salinas, 77% of the population is Latino. That means that, all other things being equal, nearly 8 out Under Armour Curry 2 Birthday

In reality, more than 8 out 10 violent crimes are committed by Latinos. The number is more than 9 out of 10. People don't commit violent crimes because they are Latino, of course. Mountains of research show that violent crime is much more likely in underserved neighborhoods, meaning neighborhoods that suffer from poverty, lack of services and lack of opportunity. In Salinas, those neighborhoods are much more likely to be Latino. So people from underserved neighborhoods are much more likely to commit violent crimes, which means they are much more likely to have contact with the police. That's what we see in Salinas.

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Under Armour Golf Shoes 2017

Under Armour Golf Shoes 2017

But it is a fundamental principle for the Salinas Police Department that everyone, no matter what their background, must be treated with fairness and respect. Any police officer who violates this principle faces Under Armour Blue Shoes

Under Armour Golf Shoes 2017

They did. The first officer fired his Taser, but it malfunctioned. Then the second officer fired his, but one of its contacts struck a telephone pole, which prevented it from having any effect.

All three shootings are being very thoroughly investigated. When things happen in a cluster like this, it often looks like they must be connected as in, "suddenly the police are shooting more people." But random clusters of events are common, and there is no evidence these shootings are connected.

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Although you see that happen on TV and in the movies, that's not what police are trained to do. When an armed person attacks, their first priority is to stop the threat to public safety as fast as possible, and that is what they are trained to do. There are many cases of civilians and police being seriously injured or killed by armed, violent people who have been wounded. So police are trained to use enough force to stop the threat immediately.

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Why didn't they shoot him in the arm or leg?

To stop a violent person with a weapon, police have to gain physical control of him, typically by putting him in handcuffs. They start by ordering the person to drop the weapon and surrender, and then need to get control of the person as soon as possible so they can prevent harm to members of the public.

Why have so many people been shot by police?

The three shootings by police officers this year are very unusual in recent years the average for Salinas is one officer involved shooting per year.

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Under Armour Golf Shoes 2017

We expect to be held accountable by our actions, not just our words. Here are some of our actions:

Chief McMillin took reporters through the videos and audio at a press conference on May 22, 2014. Mejia?

´╗┐Salinas PD responds to questions about recent officer

Why did the police shoot Carlos Mejia (the man with the shears seen in a cellphone video) when he was walking Under Armour Shoes Stephen Curry Black

the strictest sanctions. If you're wondering why you should believe that, please see "Why should I believe you?" below.

They didn't. When you slow down and zoom in on the cell phone video, you see that the officers did not shoot Mr. Mejia when he was walking away, they shot him when he turned and attacked them with the shears. More context is added by a surveillance camera video as well as by a 911 call from a woman who said Mr. Mejia was trying to break into her house and assault her.

Why did they get close enough for him to attack them?

Why should I believe you?

away from them?

Under Armour Golf Shoes 2017

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