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"But I don't envision this team having two guys at 50 points and 10 guys under 20 (points)," Appert said. "I Under Armour Shoes Pics envision us with maybe two guys between 30 and 40 but maybe 10 guys between 20 and 30. That's how I envision us being a winning hockey team this year, is by being so committed to playing our way and we score in bunches because we can look like a team that can come at an opponent in waves."

"Yeah, and we'll be deeper," Appert said. "At every position, we'll be deeper. But you lose Chase (All American and two time ECACH scoring champ) Chase Polacek, and you lose Allen (All American goalie Allen York), Tyler (Helfrich), Jeff Foss, and they guys we lost the year before . so maybe we don't have that high end where we have multiple guys being All Americans or challenging for that.

"I think this freshman class is very talented," Appert said. "It's got a very good mix of offensive talent, of competitiveness, of hockey intelligence and two mean, tough, physical defensemen, So I really like the class.

Under Armour Shoes Pics

"It's a small difference but it's a very critical difference," he added. "I'm not saying that the guys played that way (because coach said so) at the end of last year, that's not what I mean, but I think there were times last year when we were mentally challenged with the consistency of how we need to play every night to win. And the only way you can really become something is to embrace it and make Under Armour Shoes Stephen Curry Low Cut

Under Armour Shoes Pics

Under Armour Shoes Pics

Had talented forward Brandon Pirri and Jerry D'Amigo had chosen to remain at RPI rather than turn pro after their freshman season two years ago, the success level would have almost certainly been higher.

TROY Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's past two hockey seasons haven't been spectacular. The Engineers, with a wealth of talent, posted a combined record of 38 30 9. They did reach the NCAA Tournament last season for the first time since 1985, though, and when compared to their 2008 09 mark of 10 27 2 (a school record for losses), the success of the past two years has been profound.

"We don't need the guys playing hard because they're worried about me yelling at them," he said. "We don't need them playing hard because they're worried about their ice time, we need them playing hard because the guys to the left and the right of them need them to play hard, and need them to buy into the Engineer way and they need them to play Engineer hockey."

Under Armour Shoes Pics

"I really believe that the first two thirds of the year, we really embraced what made us great. And I think (late) in the year, maybe, we were burdened by it," Appert said. "It's not easy to win the way we win and it gets harder as the season goes on and I think it's something you have to be proud of.

Under Armour Shoes Pics

it your own and not do it because someone else is telling you to do it.

Under Armour Shoes Pics

not going to look Jacob and Mark McGowan and Matt Neal and Zach Schroeder, Ryan Haggerty and all these freshmen and say, hey, go lead us to victory," Appert said. Lee and all of our junior and senior forwards (Brock Higgs, Patrick Cullen, Greg Burgdoerfer, Matt Tinordi, Johnny Rogic). These are the guys set the tone, so life is a little easier for those five young freshmen (forwards) and they're not relied upon to carry us.

Under Armour Shoes Pics

"No. 1, I don't think you look at last year and say, 'well, we want to do this better, do that better. Every year you have to go back and the bottom and start the climb all over again. You start from scratch. Now, we have a better base to build upon. You liken it to climbing a mountain. Our base camp now is nice, and it's set and we have a position to kind of push off from that's pretty good.

"But at the end of the day, we need to start all over again," Appert said. "I like where we're at. There are things that we need to do better than we did last year but we're not looking to start where we left off. We have to come back to the beginning and start all over again."

High scoring left winger center Jacob Lalibert and center Matt Neal are highly touted recruits and wingers Matt Haggerty, Mark McGowan and Zach Schroeder also have some strong credentials.

Under Armour Shoes Pics

vs. 'this is who we are and coach is telling us we have to play this way.'

The Engineers figure to be a better balanced club this year.

Under Armour Shoes Pics

"But, we're Under Armour Micro Womens

The Engineers will also have to be more consistent on defense and with sophomores Patrick Koudys and Bo Dolan and Guy Lebouef having a year under their belts and with the additions of talented freshmen Curtis Leonard and Luke Curadi, they should be.

"That's what I was saying when I was talking about 'making it their own' and the team taking more ownership of it. We need to have more of a sense of 'this is how we play' because this is who we are and we love who we are and we love Engineers hockey and it's ours, Under Armour High Top Running Shoes

What do the Engineers need to improve upon?

And I think we almost had it and if we can really grasp on to that in that locker room, then I think we have a chance to have something special."

Under Armour Shoes Pics

´╗┐RPI hockey team starting from scratch

Under Armour Shoes Pics

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