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If so, you're one of thousands of Canadians (almost four million North Americans) who are suffering from seasonal affective disorder, a form of depression that can be so debilitating that it can compromise your quality of life.

"People think they are supposed to feel lousy in the winter. Many feel some changes but don't think of what they feel as out of the ordinary."

´╗┐SAD state of affairs

According to HEALTHbeat, an online newsletter from Harvard Medical School in Boston,

"We don't really know why it affects more women than men," he says. "The biology is different, of course, so it's likely that men and women have different vulnerabilities."

decreased daylight at this time of year.

For many, SAD begins in the fall, worsens in winter, then lessens in spring.

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It rarely affects women post menopause.

uncontrollable urge to eat sugar and high carbohydrate foods.

"The single most important Under Armour Running Shoes 2017

Most family doctors can address SAD, he says.

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Under Armour Micro G Monza

Levitan says that overeating is definitely a symptom: "Seventy percent of patients with SAD crave carbohydrates and gain substantial weight," he says.

Meanwhile, CAMH researcher Dr. Jeffrey Meyer, who holds the prestigious Canada Research Chair in the neurochemistry of major depressive disorders, recently discovered that there is more serotonin transporter in the brain in the fall and winter than in the spring and summer.

issue is safety: UV filtered light is critical," says Levitan. "Do not use a unit that exposes you to UV unfiltered light which would be dangerous to the eyes."

Levitan says that many people don't take SAD seriously.

symptoms may include loss of pleasure and energy, feelings of worthlessness, inability to concentrate, and an Under Armour Micro G Limitless Tr

One theory is that SAD may be linked to the reproductive cycle:

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Under Armour Micro G Monza

Under Armour Micro G Monza

Under Armour Micro G Monza

"It Under Armour Micro G Monza is often fatigue rather than a blue mood that dominates a patient's experience," adds Levitan. "It's fatigue and oversleeping, not necessarily a feeling of being unhappy."

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Within a week, most see an elevation of mood.

Serotonin transporters remove serotonin, a brain chemical that regulates mood and energy balance. When serotonin isn't working properly, it affects sleep, appetite and mood.

This seasonal form of depression is linked to the Under Armour Women Shoes 2017

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there is no reason not to believe that it wouldn't be part of our genetic makeup."

And three quarters of all SAD sufferers are women.

Like bears hibernating? "As funny as that sounds,

"People drop out of school, become unemployed, have trouble with relationships. It can be very serious," says Levitan who is also an associate professor in the department of psychiatry at the University of Toronto.

Standard anti depressants may be prescribed along with traditional light therapy; these are light boxes emitting filtered UV light to which patients expose themselves for about 30 minutes daily.

"SAD is recurrent and relatively predictable," says Levitan who stresses that it's important for people to get help early and not suffer with SAD year in and year out.

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A genetic link, and research into how sleep/wake cycles relate to depression are also areas of research interest.

"We think the overeating and decline of activity is about energy conservation that would have been a way of ensuring there were enough nutrients around for women in their childbearing years," Levitan explains.

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