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All told, Leo A Daly estimates the features will save SAC Federal about 30 percent on utility costs. A key aspect: 218 wells dug 300 feet into the south side of the property connected to heat pumps. The pumps transfer heat to water when cooling and absorb heat from water when heating.

Best of all, Larsen said, the property has room for additional expansion in case the credit union needs another building in the future. If an expansion is required, the new property Womens Under Armour Sneakers can accommodate up to 250 employees, Larsen said.

"Spur of the moment meetings just didn't happen," said Allison Malone, SAC Federal's HR manager. "You try phone calls, but it's hard to catch everyone."

Many folks have been in it for the long haul: President DeBoer has been with the credit union for 25 years, Larsen for 26. Both said they knew everyone's name when they started, and still do. The new building, Larsen said, was designed to retain the old credit union's informal feel amid the massive growth of the current version.

Larsen had built branches before SAC Federal's count has doubled since 2005 but nothing on this scale has ever appeared before on her assignment sheet. She said there were three individual property owners to deal with and an abandoned house on the site.

Womens Under Armour Sneakers

´╗┐SAC Federal Credit Union opens new

The new headquarters in Papillion covers four floors and 94,000 square feet and cost $25 million, including land, structure and furnishings. It took four years to conceive and build and is designed to accommodate operations at the current growth rate for two decades, SAC executives say.

Womens Under Armour Sneakers

Womens Under Armour Sneakers

SAC Federal calls it the "communication core," a four story atrium centered on the wooden staircase to which all departments and offices open. There is also rooftop patio and green space and a fourth floor balcony with wide open views.

SAC Federal started out in Maryland as Strategic Air Command Credit Union; it moved to Omaha in 1949 as the metro area became home Under Armour Water Shoes

"It really defines the building architecturally," said SAC's Robin Larsen, the senior vice president for operations who was in charge of the planning and construction.

It has been a growth rate in recent years that few at the state's largest credit union could have imagined. SAC Federal's assets are now approaching $700 million, about double from five years ago, a rate unmatched by any financial institution based in the state that had more than $200 million in assets as of December 2008.

Green features include radiant heating, water pipes in the ceilings and walls to create heating and cooling effects, and re use of energy normally lost to exhaust. The lighting system includes LED and fluorescent lamps. Automatic controls dim and brighten indoor lights based on daylight conditions.

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to the military organization controlling the nation's nuclear arsenal. The credit union had some mergers and acquisitions over the years and hit $100 million in assets in 1989.

If it were a commercial bank, the asset count would rank SAC Federal as the sixth largest based in Nebraska. credit unions, which takes about $1 billion in assets to join. Membership also has jumped, rising by 30,000 in five years to almost 80,000. SAC Federal is Nebraska's largest auto lender, according to industry researcher Experian.

DeBoer. "That is what we needed to plan for."

Womens Under Armour Sneakers

Womens Under Armour Sneakers

Amenities at the new building include a fitness center, a branch scheduled to open May 1, lots of open spaces for impromptu employee meetings and a light filled, airy design by the Leo A Daly architectural firm. The general contractor was Omaha's Under Armour Fat Tire Review

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Until now, most of SAC Federal's employees were packed into the building at 39th and 370, but there were large pockets of others staged around the metro area in branches and basements. Employee training was at a branch in Millard, for example, and some portions of the lending department were scattered.

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And that is what the company now has: a new glass and steel structure on a hill a few blocks from the previous headquarters at 36th Street and and Highway 370. That site will lose its offices but keep its branch, one of 21 at SAC Federal.

"We had to ask ourselves what we will look like at $1 billion in assets," said SAC Federal President Gail Under Armour Curry 2.5 Heavy Metal

A few employees moved in during recent weeks, but Monday was the first day for everyone. A staircase in the center of the building is made from massive planks of laminated oak but see through railings allow views throughout.

MCL Construction.

Womens Under Armour Sneakers

"It was four years ago that this process really started," Larsen said.

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Womens Under Armour Sneakers

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