Under Armour Drive 4 Low

Under Armour Drive 4 Low

Under Armour Drive 4 Low

Under Armour Drive 4 Low

Eying the attractive nurse and her cache of condoms, the nearby GIs couldn't contain themselves.

years later. "We never thought it would turn out like it did," says Cathy Drake, 88.

The order from the head nurse was awkward enough: Bring back as many sanitary napkins as possible for the nurses at the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital perched on the 38th parallel.

Under Armour Drive 4 Low

personnel and patients who passed through a fictional MASH unit that was a thinly veiled caricature of the 8055.

VETERANS: Recall 'forgotten war'

Cathy Drake, top left, and friends during the Korean War. Drake served as a nurse at the Mobile Army Surgical Hospital on the 38th parallel.(Photo: Drake family photo)

doctor assigned to her unit.

Now, here she is at the check out counter with her date, surrounded by male soldiers. And instead of sanitary napkins, stacked high in front of her are boxes and boxes of condoms the result of an embarrassing translation error.

Under Armour Drive 4 Low

Under Armour Drive 4 Low

"Where are you stationed?" one quipped.

Under Armour Drive 4 Low

Under Armour Drive 4 Low

It could have been a scene from the long running TV show MASH but it wasn't. The young doctor and nurse who married Under Armour Drive 4 Low after the war despite the shaky first date lived the zany existence portrayed in the popular TV series, which was based on a book written by one of their colleagues in the 8055 MASH unit.

The young doctor quietly slipped away, acting like he didn't know the suddenly popular and very red faced nurse.

Under Armour Drive 4 Low

Korean War 60th Anniversary The WarAn 8055 MASH unit Halloween party in Korea. Dr. Dale and Cathy Drake later told a co creator of the MASH TV series about Dr. Hall who showed up in drag and believe it may have inspired the Klinger character.(Photo: Drake family photo)

IN DEPTH COVERAGE: Korean War, 60 years later

"Are there more back there like you?" asked another.

But this was no ordinary PX run for the young nurse during the height of the Korean War. The getaway to Seoul was doubling as a first date, of sorts, with a handsome new Under Armour Clutchfit Drive 3 Pink

Rowdy medical unit inspired 'M

Two decades later, physician Dale Drake and his wife, Cathy, helped Hollywood shape the way America saw the Korean War through the lives of the medical staff, military Under Armour New Sneakers

HOLLYWOOD: Barely dipped toe in deep waters of Korean War

The Drakes, who settled in Evansville, Ind., after the war, say their days with the 8055 in Korea was an experience that brought them together and continues to shape their lives more than 60 Under Armour Micro G Grey

Under Armour Drive 4 Low

Under Armour Drive 4 Low

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