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Under Armour Cross Country Spikes

Under Armour Cross Country Spikes

The Heartbeat Support Group meets monthly in Fort Morgan for those who have lost a loved one to suicide.

Under Armour Cross Country Spikes

As the quotes suggest, there is some humor on the website, too.

Rural Solutions started a program called Getting Ahead, which helps individuals who are struggling with poverty to learn ways to get ahead in life, she said.

Under Armour Cross Country Spikes

to talk with someone about their depression and suicidal thoughts, Gross said.

Under Armour Cross Country Spikes

Sometimes school counselors refer kids to therapy, or they can ask for it themselves, Gross said. Sessions can happen at school or at a therapist's office.

Under Armour Cross Country Spikes

Under Armour Cross Country Spikes

´╗┐Rural Solutions helps with suicide

On that site, the therapist says Man Therapy is a "place where men can be men" while dealing with common feelings such as anger, sadness and stress that can fester "like a battle ax wound."

This is especially important for young people who do not have health insurance, or do not have health insurance that covers mental health issues.

Man Therapy is also offered, which helps men understand that they might benefit from therapy, too, Gross said.

When feelings become uncontrollable, thoughts can turn suicidal, the site notes.

Under Armour Cross Country Spikes

This program lets professionals take a look through the eyes of those struggling just to survive, who are overcome by the "tyranny of the moment," she said.

The Rural Solutions program works on preventing suicide, bringing people out of poverty and the health and wellness of people in Northeast Colorado, including in Morgan County.

Therapy is free to those young people, and offers them a chance Under Armour Shoes For Men Running

Poverty is one of the big three areas of concern for the agency. Others include suicide prevention and health and wellness. (Dan Barker/ Fort Morgan Times)Mar 3:Board looks at improvementJan 17:'Everyone Counts' theme this yearJan 16:Home Run Against Drugs provided through United Way $Jan 14:Pregnancy center has new directorEben Ezer's home services program depends on United Way $Jan 2:98% of Red Under Armour Basketball Shoes

Agricultural Under Armour Cross Country Spikes producers have a high rate of suicide, and the Rural Solutions program can help those who love a man who might be at risk, too.

Man Therapy works with men from their own perspectives.

Salvation Army funding from United WayDec 30:Morgan County Family Center programs help parents, kidsDec 27:Blue Horizons on mission to help kidsDec 26:School for the Performing Arts benefits communityDec 24:Community benefits from immigrant integration fundingDec 23:Adult education helps community

Rural Solutions offers a class for professionals who contact the poor that allows them to understand those who are struggling with poverty. Under Armour Shoes Spine

People have various issues to deal with, such as dysfunctional relationships that can keep them in poverty, or not being able to think past the current crisis or figuring out how to set goals, she said.

Often, the poor must try to deal with the most pressing issue, and do not feel they can make plans for the future, Gross explained.

Northeast Colorado has a relatively high suicide rate among young people and men compared to the rest of Colorado, so this is an important issue.

Another program called More Than Sad brings a presentation about depression and suicide to Morgan County students at Fort Morgan High School, that happens in health classes.

Under Armour Cross Country Spikes

Young people do not have to have severe depression or be actively considering suicide to get this service, she noted.

Poverty can be generational or situational, and the program helps people from their own situations, Gross said.

United Way of Morgan County funding helps Rural Solutions with its LifeSource Project, which funds therapy for suicidal or depressed youth, said Director Mary Gross.

Life Source is part of Rural Solution's overall suicide prevention program, and United Way funding also helps with training people to work in suicide prevention, Gross said.

Rural Solutions also offers Bridges Out of Poverty, which offers training to professionals who come in contact with those struggling with poverty, Gross said.

Under Armour Cross Country Spikes

Under Armour Cross Country Spikes

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